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Books about  Cruising

There are numerous books written about round about sailing voyages circling the globe and many contain excellent preparation tips & advice.

Last week I read two books written by Dutch guys who both prepared for the worst & hoped for the best and accomplished their dreams without loss of limbs & life. They scared the crap out of me though and made me wonder if we had to put more effort in the preparation part of our journey.

Researchers added extra load to my feeling of unease, letting us know that global warming would probably tenfold the chance of sinking our plans in the years to come.

In this blog entry we've posted all books we read about traveling around the world and found useful or entertaining. We love to hear your suggestions as we've got years of reading to do. Please send your favorite booktitels on this subject to:

Not a big book about cruising the world fan? We've put together a list of great blogs with loads of pictures and short movies about sailing the globe. Check out our Cruising Blog favourites.

Sealiberty Library

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Favourite Books about Cruising

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Aarden op Zout (Ruth Gerritse & Mark van 't Woud)

De Wereld is Rond (Jean Heylbroeck)

400 Maandagen (Hans-Elias de Bree)

Book Index

5 jaar zeilen in de schaduw van de maan

Ingrid's description of the beauty of a stormy ocean, the wonders of nature, a historical building or life aboard, makes you part of her feelings - allowing you to experience it with her. She's got a easy going & smooth writing style, with nice pen drawings. Loved this book which was written by Ingrid Adriaans.

Anyone in a partnership - man or woman, sailor or not - will benefit from this book. Writen by Elain Mayne. Sailing Promise

Jimmy Cornell, whose books are found on board every offshore yacht (World Cruising Routes), has added the definitive book on voyage planning to his other successful titles dedicated to long distance cruising.  World Voyage Planner helps sailors plan a voyage from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

The New Complete Sailing Manual written by Steve Sleight is a essential reference for sailing instructors and students.

The New Complete Sailing Manual

Cruising handbook for Dummies

The Cruising Handbook for Dummies is a free PDF download and based on what Bill & Patt learned during their four years as blue-water cruisers. I was impressed.

Check out their safe Cruising Index

De Wereldzeiler (NL)

'Een projectmatige aanpak', written by Jimmy Lengkeek who runs his dream like a projectmanager & still manages to have a lot of fun.

Offshore Zeilen (NL)

'Tips en trucs', written by Peter Stuivenberg. Writes about every technical tip & trick in the book about round the world sailing (brings his dog & girlfriend along but forgets the crapper :) you should know.

Leidraad voor kajuitjachtzeilers (NL)

'Sailing lessons and Coastal navigation', written by Richard Vooren. (thanxs David :)