Dodecanese Islands


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The Dodecanese to the far east and the northern and eastern Sporades to the north east, have a reputation for strong winds, particularly down the Turkish coast where these is little protection from the northerly ‘Meltemi’. Consequently, these areas are best suited to more experienced crews who will enjoy the stiffer winds.


Dodecanese Sailing Grounds

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To the north west the Ionian Islands have a reputation for very light winds, often leaving you to motor much of your ‘sailing’ holiday, whereas around Póros you can choose between the shelter of the Argolic or Saronic Islands or the more demanding Cyclades Islands or south eastern Peloponnese sailing areas. Everything you could want; and all in one place.


The best times to tour the Dodechanese are in the Spring, May to June, and in the autumn, September to October. You are less likely to encounter strong meltemi winds and also all the anchorages are less crowded. Other than the weather-wise unpredictable winter months, the worse time to be cruising the Sea of Samos is during the month of August. In August not only will you encounter a number of meltemi gales but all harbors and anchorages, even the most remote, will be crowded as this is the prime vacation time in Greece and the rest of the EU.

In October, especially late in the month there can be southerly winds and occasionally thunderstorms, some of which can be severe. If you are cruising during that time you should always have two possible anchorages in mind: one protected from N winds and one from the S winds.

Dodecanese Islands


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