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Cruising the Oceans Sealiberty Cruising


When shall we cast off our chains and set sail. What direction should we go and which places must find their way on our travel plan? We've got time to pick our route and all advice is welcome as always.




How to determine your cruising route

There are countless factors to take into account when you are planning the route for your worldcruising trip. Some of those factors are personal (what or who do you or your partner want to see or meet) and some are determined by weather, the direction water flows and tips & advice of those heroes who trod the trails before you.


As both of us love the mediterranean sea we will start our first couple of months touring a round about trip in that area.

Best Cruising spots in the World

Worst Cruising spots in the World

South Africa

Cruising Routes

"Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints"


"This is what paradise looks like, what we had hoped for the Caribbean to be but what we've never found before now. " (Taru)

San Blas archipelago



Jimmy Cornell, whose books are found on board every offshore yacht (World Cruising Routes), has added the definitive book on voyage planning to his other successful titles dedicated to long distance cruising. World Voyage Planner helps sailors plan a voyage from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.



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