Sealiberty Cruising

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Sealiberty Crew Members


Marloes walked into my life looking like an angel and I fell in love at first sight. She probably liked me too as from day one we spend every minute available together living in two cities at once as a couple. Within a month we left on our first surftrip and it didn't take her three months before she accepted my marriage proposal.

She's not only the coolest & most sexy surfchick you can imagine but she's incredibly smart, cute and funny too. I've never met someone with a bigger heart and she makes me very happy & proud having said 'yes' to spending the rest of her life surfing waves around the world with me :)

Jeroen Spaander Arnhem the Netherlands 2012 Sealiberty Cruising

Hi my name is Jeroen

Thanks for visiting our website and I hope you enjoy the pictures and stories. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have suggestions or questions (or if you are looking for a spot on the crew list)

Stan Spaander Rhodes 2012 Sealiberty Cruising

Stan is one of two favorite sons some God out there has spoiled me rotten with. It won't be long before this karate kid will become the strongest warrior on board and already it's a hurtful event to frolic about with this guy. He's the cool kid in school (something his dad never was) which makes him a bit cocky at times but it doesn't affect his school results or personality. He's a tough kid too and although being cut up and continuesly bruised you won't hear him moan or complain about it. He's very trustworthy and sometimes it's easy to forget he's a kid. He's a joker, making fun of me non stop and I can't wait for the day he'll become bolt so I can return the favour ;) He's a great son and friend.

Dieye Spaander - Sealiberty Crew

Dieye is my youngest son who loves to explore and build new things. I thoroughly enjoy the way he invents unique solutions to technical challenges. Sometimes he's a bit unsure about his own competences but he's a quick learner and the funny thing is that he's pretty good at most things. Last week this guy smashed my and Stan's unfounded self esteem by beating us at playing pool three times in row while playing it for the third time in his life. He's got a mind of his own besides having a great big heart and I'm very proud he's my child.

Orion-3 Arnhem Harbor 2013 Sealiberty Cruising
Marloes and Jeroen Sealiberty Cheekysurf
Stan and Dieye Sealiberty Cruising